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Misunderstandings in choosing biomass pellet mill for sale

Biomass pellet mill for sale is a biomass energy pretreatment equipment. It mainly uses biomass from agricultural and forestry processing such as sawdust, wood, bark, building templates, corn stalks, wheat straw, rice husks, peanut husks, etc. as raw materials, which are solidified into high-density pellets through pretreatment and processing.

Since the biomass pellet mill for sale has been recognized by the majority of users, the market of the biomass pellet machine is also particularly active. Judging from the old users or new inquiring users we have experienced, most of them have some misunderstandings.

(1)Misunderstanding 1: many users think that the biomass pellet mill for sale is better with low power and high output. This idea doesn’t make sense. Without enough power, there will be no expected output. This is the law of the operation of mechanical equipment.

The so-called biomass pellet mill machine with low power and high output is just a piece of information boasted by small enterprises. The actual promise, which is not credible, cannot be believed.

(2)Misunderstanding 2: some users blindly compare prices, thinking that the low price of biomass pellet machines is a purchase desire, but they do not know that this is an idea of killing chickens and taking eggs.

Reasonable price is the basis for the manufacturer of biomass pellet mill machine to ensure the three-guarantee service and accessories tracking of user equipment, and it is the guarantee of quality and work effect.

Although the low price has won the market and users, this is just a repeat of the story of drinking poison to quench thirst. Expensive is not necessarily good, but the right should be selected. Buying cheap and using expensive lessons is very painful.

Therefore, there must be cooperative development, trust, and a sincere attitude to rationalize the selection of biomass pellet mill for sale.

Misunderstanding 3: the existence of favoring the quality guarantee gold can constrain the after-sales service of biomass pellet mill manufacturers. This idea is not perfect. In business, pursue profit above everything else.

Once the warranty money restricts the after-sales service of the manufacturer, it will squeeze the profit space, and this sense of distrust will only increase the cracks in the cooperation between each other, and will not exert force on the restriction.

The appearance of the warranty money has also given some leather bag companies a stimulant in order to cater to the customers and the market. They set aside the margin of the warranty money in advance, and then offer a high price. After the warranty money is not needed, the service will not be honored.

There are other misunderstandings among the users who choose the biomass pellet mill for sale. These misunderstandings should be communicated with the biomass machinery and equipment manufacturers, and reach a consensus as much as possible to open up a good situation for the production of biomass pellet mill for sale.

Why is the biomass pellet mill favored by investors?

Why are more and more investors choosing to invest in biomass pellet mill for sale, and why is investing in biomass pellet making machines so popular among investors? It is not difficult to answer this question, so let’s talk about it by Richi Machinery Co., Ltd.

The reason why you choose to invest in biomass pellet mill for sale is because the raw materials for investing in biomass pelletizing machines are very wide, and most of the raw materials are agricultural and forestry wastes. The investment cost is very low.

Investing in biomass pellet machines can not only make agriculture and forestry possible Industrial waste can be used reasonably, and the accumulation of agricultural and forestry waste can also be reduced. This reason is the key reason why investors choose to invest in biomass pellet mills for sale.

Why is the investment in biomass pellet mill for sale favored by investors? Investing in biomass pellet mills can not only protect the environment, but also reduce environmental pollution.

How can such an environmentally friendly device not be loved by investors? Investing in biomass pellet machines can also get subsidies from the local government. The country vigorously promotes biomass energy. You said that investing in such a good project as biomass pellet machines would not be popular.

The biomass pellet fuel produced by the biomass pellet press machine can not only replace coal, but also has more heat than coal, and will not pollute the air, and the burning ash can also be used as fertilizer.

In recent years, the world biomass fuel pellet industry has grown significantly. Biomass pellets have become the main fuel in many countries. The biggest boom in pellet consumption is in European countries, linked to their expanded state subsidies and new climate targets.

The pellet industry around the world has grown substantially since 2000. According to the data, announced during the 2015 European Pellet Conference, about 1.7 million tons of biomass fuel pellets were consumed globally in 2000, compared with 24.5 million tons in 2013. In 2014 it reached 27 million tons. 28 million tons were produced in 2015. This figure includes 15 million tons of pellets used for heating and 13 million tons used for combustion in power plants.

Furthermore, the most dramatic growth was in the European Union. Recent figures show that in 2014 European countries produced a 50% share of global biomass pellet production. That is to say, 13.5 million tons of the world’s 27 million tons of biomass fuel pellets are produced in European countries.

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