Do you know if a fish feed extruder machine can make floating fish food pellets?

In recent years, the development of global fishery and aquaculture is fast, and the scale of various freshwater and seawater aquaculture farms is also growing. There are many kinds of fish feed purchased on the market, but most of them have single nutrition and mixed quality, which can not meet the daily growth needs of special fish and seafood. Therefore, how to solve the nutrient content of fish feed has become a headache for aquaculture owners.

Fish feed pellets are commonly used in modern agricultural fish farming to provide the nutrition required by fish and improve the environment of fish farms. A twin screw floating fish feed extruder machine is widely used to produce extruded feed. The matching materials are sent to the conditioner through the conveying equipment. The materials are tempered by high-temperature steam in the conditioner, and then enter the expansion mechanism through the discharge chute. Under the delivery of a pair of screws that are parallel to each other, the materials are instantly extruded and cut into granules from a mold hole of a certain shape.

There are many factors affecting the expansion of materials, but they are mainly related to the conditioning conditions, the operating conditions of the floating fish feed extruder machine and the material properties.

The role of conditioning is particularly important in the production of heavy extruded feed. In the production of expanded and sinking feed, the strong effect of extrusion should be weakened and the role of conditioning should be enhanced. Add water and steam during tempering, and have enough tempering time to fully soften and ripen the material, creating conditions for the material to achieve better plasticity under the weak conditions in the expansion chamber in the next step. In this way, the material can continue to mature without producing a large degree of expansion, and the sinking feed can be obtained. Adequate conditioning has a good effect on improving feed digestibility, product water resistance and extruding stability, that is, product homogeneity. What are the features of the floating fish feed extruder machine?

  1. The twin screw floating fish feed production line can produce fish feed such as tilapia, golden trout, aquarium fish, goldfish, shrimp, etc.
  2. Floating fish feed can not only improve feed efficiency, but more importantly, farmers can see the eating situation, avoid overfeeding and reduce feed waste.
  3. The fish pellets made by this machine can float in the water for more than 24 hours.
  4. The gelling degree can reach 90%, and the feed output can be improved.

The twin screw floating fish extruder machine provides the following advantages for fish feed production:

  1. Extrusion processing is that raw materials are processed under high temperature, high pressure and instant ripening, integrating transportation, crushing, extrusion, mixing, high-temperature disinfection and molding.
  2. It can process viscous, high-fat and high moisture raw materials.
  3. Good water resistance. Aquatic feed particles can be stable in water. Whether it is sinking feed or floating feed, it will not collapse after soaking in water for 12 hours. It can maintain the quality of aquaculture water and reduce the waste of feed.
  4. Higher digestibility. The digestibility of starch, protein and other substances is improved. Strong extrusion can degrade some compact cellulose, keratin and other substances, and greatly improve the digestibility.
  5. Excellent palatability. The finished extruded pellets have the characteristics of porous and even texture, and produce some aromatic substances, which stimulate the appetite of aquatic animals, and increase their feed intake.
  6. The utilization scope of raw materials has been broadened. The twin-screw extruding machine can process materials containing excessive water, oil, or cellulose into other forms of aquatic materials, which enriches feed resources.

With the large-scale development of the aquaculture industry, the requirements for aquatic feed are getting higher and higher. The traditional powdered formula feed, granular formula feed and other types of formula feed have the disadvantages of poor stability in water, fast settling speed, easy cause feed loss and water pollution, which have become increasingly unsuitable for the development of modern aquaculture. Expanded fish feed solves these problems, and more and more aquaculture households and feed factories install the extrusion feed processing machinery.

The floating fish feed production line can professionally produce various 0.5-8mm floating fish feed. The floating time of the feed in water can be controlled by adjusting the expansion degree of the equipment to produce high-quality fish food with different floating properties to adapt to different fish. The main equipment of the fish feed production line is twin-screw floating fish feed extruder machine. It is mainly used for food expansion, livestock and poultry feed or for expansion of single raw materials. It can also be used for the pretreatment of raw materials in the production of vegetable oil and drinking wine. The twin screw fish feed extruder is mainly used for the production and processing of high-grade aquatic materials and pet materials, especially for the processing of viscous materials.

The fish feed production line is a kind of fish feed equipment that practitioners of various fishery and aquaculture industries want to know about. As the equipment specialized in the production of floating fish feed, whether the expansion degree meets the requirements of fish feed is the standard that can reflect the performance of the equipment. The fully automatic fish feed machine production line produced by RICHI Machinery is professional production equipment for floating fish feed developed by our company according to market demand. The equipment has the advantages of low energy consumption, large output, labor saving, simple operation, etc. It is suitable for the investment and use of aquaculture entrepreneurs.

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