Ways to choose a floating fish feed making machine

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, the floating fish feed making machine has followed closely, and the fish feed pellet machine has been sought after by everyone. Then there is a problem, that is, how to choose the floating fish feed making machine. Let’s analyze the three methods of choosing a fish feed pellet machine.

1. Methods to choose a floating fish feed making machine

(1) Appearance quality.

The spray paint on the surface of the shell of the floating fish feed making machine should be uniform and firm, and there should be no paint leakage, sagging and falling off. The chrome-plated parts should be firm and brightly polished, free from peeling and rust. Stainless steel parts should have a smooth surface, no bumps, and should be processed with neat polished patterns.

(2) Assembly and fastening

In addition to checking the fastening of the body and the chassis, the motor (or diesel engine) and the chassis, the floating fish feed making machine mainly checks the assembly quality of the template locking nut and the pellet cutter, and the ring die floating fish feed making machine mainly checks Whether the fastening bolts of the template are tightened. And check the tightness of the pinch roller bracket and pinch roller.

(3) Adjust the gap between the die and the pressure roller wall.

Two layers of paper are stuffed between the pressure roller and the inner wall of the ring die, and it can be pulled out with a little force. After adjustment, be sure to tighten the adjusting nut in time and install the protective cover.

After confirming that there are no foreign objects in the shield and the ring die, turn the ring die by hand. At this time, the driven spindle should rotate briskly, and there is no sticking phenomenon or rubbing sound.

2. Notes:

1.Directly observe whether there is beating of the floating fish feed making machine ring die during rotation and whether it will rub against other parts. Open the observation port for feeding the powder into the twisting cage and check whether there is any foreign matter in the twisting cage.

2.Rotate the cage shaft by hand, the cage shaft should rotate smoothly and there is no rubbing noise. Repeatedly open and close the ring-molded warehouse door to check whether it is easy to open and close and tightly closed.

3.Particular attention should be paid to checking the tightness of the joint and the reliability of the locking. The general requirements are: accurate positioning, firm locking, and no leakage of powder.

4.After locking the press chamber door, observe the seam seal of the chamber door from the side. If there is a place where the seal is not tight, the fixing bolts of the door hinge of the warehouse can be adjusted to effectively prevent the leakage of powder.

3. Introduction of floating fish feed making machine

The floating feed extruder machine is a feed processing machine that directly presses pellets from crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk, etc.

(1) Classification of floating fish feed pellet machine

Floating fish feed making machine can be divided into ring die pellet machine, ring die pellet machine and counter-roll pellet machine; according to production, it can be divided into: straw feed pellet machine, wheat bran feed pellet machine, soybean meal feed pellet machine, corn straw feed pellet machine , Sawdust feed pellet machine, etc.

 A variety of different floating fish feed making machines are classified according to their appearance and production methods.

(2) Main performance characteristics of floating fish feed machine

  • Double shaft differential stainless steel conditioner, up to 12 points of steam and 6 points of liquid addition;
  • Combined spindle, easy to maintain and repair the bearing housing;
  • The screw and the main shaft are connected by involute splines, which are easy to adjust and replace;
  • The barrel is embedded with a wear-resistant bushing and is equipped with a return water channel, which can be heated/cooled, and can also directly inject steam or cold water into the barrel;
  • Spiral made of special wear-resistant material, large aspect ratio can ensure continuous and stable production of sinking/floating feed of various pellet sizes;
  • Convenient and quick die replacement mechanism and online adjustable cutting device;
  • Especially suitable for the production of 2~6mm floating pellets.

After the material is extruded by the floating fish feed making machine, it will form soft and soft pellets (the moisture content is 25%~30%). At this time, it is better to use pneumatic conveying instead of elevator.

Because the use of elevators can easily cause the pellets to be broken and improve the pulverization rate; the use of pneumatic conveying can not only quickly form a layer of colloidal coating on the surface of the pellets to reduce the fragmentation of the pellets, but also round the shape of the pellets.

Due to its high moisture content, the material conveyed by pneumatic must enter the dryer for drying, so that the moisture content of the material is reduced to about 13%.

I hope the above related content about floating fish feed making machine is helpful to you. For more information about floating fish feed pellets machine, you are welcome to consult the staff of Richi Machinery, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

Wholesale 1-40t/h poultry pellet feed machine

The feed pellets produced by the RICHI wholesale 1-40t/h ce iso factory supply poultry pellet feed machine with less cost, have high hardness, smooth surface and internal curing, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

The pellet formation process can denature the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in grains and beans, reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill various parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various worms and digestive system diseases.

Compared with mixed powder feed, higher economic benefits can be obtained. High temperature and high pressure are generated during the pressing process, the feed has a strong paste aroma, and the feed texture is hard, which is in line with the characteristics of chickens, ducks, poultry, pigs, cattle, and sheep.

The nutrient absorption conversion rate is increased by 300%, non-toxic and sterile, and the volume of the straw is doubled after pelleting by poultry feed pellet making machine, which is convenient for long-term storage and transportation. (Related post: Feed mill plant in Uzbekistan)

1.What are the advantages of the poultry pellet feed machine?

(1) The poultry feed pellet making machine has reasonable design, simple operation, no noise;

(2) Small machine with high output, low energy consumption, dry in and dry out;

(3) High forming rate, high hardness; smooth surface; convenient for transportation and storage;

(4) Different types of grinding discs are suitable for granulation of different materials;

(5) The poultry pellet feed machine apply different materials to ensure the pressing effect;

(6) Simple operation and maintenance, safe and reliable;

(7) Strong adaptability to the workplace;

(8) Solid structure, beautiful appearance and long service life.

2.Why buy RICHI poultry feed pellet making machine?

(1) Features of 1-10T/H poultry pellet feed machine

  • Compact structure and beautiful appearance;
  • High output, low power consumption, easy to use and reliable performance;
  • The pressure rollers are evenly arranged, the operation is stable, and the pressing area is increased to improve the production efficiency;
  • The gap between the poultry feed pellet making machinemolds can vary from size to size, suitable for different materials to ensure the pressing effect;
  • There is an observation door, which can be checked at any time for easy maintenance and repair.

(2) Features of 11-20T/H poultry pellet feed machine

  • Compact structure, beautiful appearance, high output and low power consumption;
  • The poultry pellet feed machine pressure rollers are evenly arranged, and the operation is stable;
  • The gap between the molds can vary from size to size, suitable for different materials to ensure the pressing effect;
  • There is an observation door, which can be checked at any time for easy maintenance and repair.

(3) Features of 21-40T/H poultry pellet feed machine

  • Scientific and reasonable structural design, simple, small footprint, low noise;
  • Dry in and dry out, easy to make materials, high output and low energy consumption;
  • High pelletforming rate, high hardness, smooth surface, convenient for storage and transportation;
  • Poultry pellet feed machineadapts to different materials to ensure the pressing effect;
  • The body is cast as a whole, the structure is firm and the appearance is beautiful, and the service life is long.

3.Customize the poultry pellet feed machine plan for you:

Richi Machinery complete set of poultry pellet feed machine, feed processing and production equipment independently developed and developed by our company, common matching equipment includes: crushing equipment, feeding equipment, drying equipment, pelletizing equipment and cooling and packaging equipment, etc.; the output can be different according to customers , Tailor-made for different breeding livestock and different requirements to fully meet the needs of customers.

Range of processing raw materials: corn, soybean meal, bran, rice husk, corn stalk, peanut husk, rice straw and other common feed formulation raw materials. Processing technology: crushing–feeding–drying–feeding–granulating–cooling–packaging. Raw materials of different sizes are pulverized by a pulverizer into a suitable size for granulation, enter the silo, and enter the poultry feed pellet making machine through a screw conveying at a uniform speed. (For more: Richi Machinery)

The pellets pressed by the poultry pellet feed machine enter the cooling and screening machine. Can be packaged and sold. Different production lines can be provided according to customer output requirements; suitable for large, medium and small feed manufacturers, large farms, etc. In the production process of the poultry pellet feed machine, the most important component is the die plate, and the selection of the aperture size of the die plate plays a very important role in the breeding of farmers.

Farmers can choose matching mold plates with different apertures according to different animals, and can realize private one-to-one mold plate customization. The original package can improve the life and performance of the poultry pellet feed machine!

4.Richi Machinery Poultry Pellet FeedMachine Laboratory

Richi Pellet Machinery provides services – to help customers detect production pellets, realize customer customized production, and ensure maximum customer benefits. According to the market situation, the joint laboratory will actively respond to relevant national policies on new energy, track foreign advanced technologies, build new laboratory new energy core technologies, develop first-class poultry feed pellet making machine, and promote the adjustment and optimization of the national energy structure.

The newly purchased embedded calorimeter, strength tester, pulverization degree measuring instrument and other instruments in the laboratory provide us with a more targeted direction for adjusting and researching the poultry pellet feed machine, which can realize real-time testing of after-sales production pellets, and use advanced instruments to detect users. Satisfaction of production pellets plays an important role in improving and improving machines.